A downloadable game for Windows

This game is made in 48 hours for the Blam-Jam #2.

Theme: Lose to Win (https://itch.io/jam/blam-jam-2)

You can download the game for free (you need Itch.io account).

EN: You will be a little red elf. You want to play with Cloudy and your friends but when a problem occurs...

FR: Vous allez incarner un petit elf de couleur rouge. Vous voulez jouer avec un nuage du nom de Cloudy avec vos amis mais un problème se produit...

For playing you need to use arrow keys and righ shift for jump.

If you want to download the sounds of Don't take the rock: sounds.zip

All ressources was made by me in 48H. Thanks for playing!


This game is currently unavailable


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nice art i like the pixel art

Thank you!